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Boxing and MMA store - Bushido-sport.en

DBX Bushido - boxing and MMA range store

DBX Bushido is a professional sports store offering equipment and accessories for combat sports fighters, primarily boxing and MMA, but also other disciplines, BJJ, muay thai or eastern martial arts. We make sure that every athlete - both professional and young adept - can find with us combat sports accessories that will help them effectively and safely develop their skills and build sports form.

Professional equipment for boxers and MMA fighters - meet the solutions from DBX Bushido

You will find a range of signature accessories in our store. We created them in cooperation with professional combat sports players, focusing on what is necessary during training and clashes with opponents. Responding to the needs of boxers and MMA fighters, we have developed solutions that ensure the safety and comfort of training. In order to do this, we use high-end materials and technological solutions that allow us to achieve the highest possible quality of products and extract the maximum functionality from them.

  • DBX Bushido MMA equipment and boxing accessories show high durability, so they can serve for a long time in sports clubs, where they have to endure thousands of punches and kicks delivered by fighters on a daily basis.
  • Proper contouring of helmets, gloves or protectors ensures a perfect fit to the anatomical shapes of the body, so they effectively protect against the effects of impacts, but also in no way restrict the movements of the athlete.
  • DBX Bushido's wide range of equipment and accessories allows you to create the conditions for a fully functional training of your chosen combat sports discipline.

Visit our store - combat sports in the club and at home

If you are looking to equip your sports club or build your form yourself, visit our store - combat sports require a range of accessories that help build the necessary motor skills, strength, speed, dynamics, endurance or agility. At DBX Bushido, accessories are available to provide comprehensive equipment for fight clubs, as well as to create a home environment for building form.

What sports equipment you can find in the DBX Bushido store?

Our offer includes a very wide range of sports accessories that help comprehensively develop the skills necessary for fighters to achieve the desired results.

  • Gloves and accessories - professional boxing gloves and MMA gloves. We offer both sparring and training gloves, gloves for men, women and children. In addition, you will also find boxing wraps with us.
  • Exercise bags - sturdy boxing bags of different sizes and weights enable effective training of strength, accuracy and speed of punches and kicks. We offer hanging and standing bags, as well as boxing pears, speed pears, boxing shields or dummies. Each of these elements allows you to train different elements of the fighter's workshop.
  • Helmets and protectors - safe training is the basis for preparing for combat without undue risk of injury. In the DBX Bushido sports store you will find boxing helmets, shin guards, ankle guards, wrist guards, and mouth guards.
  • Sportswear - In the DBX Bushido boxing store you will find thermoactive training clothing, durable fighter shorts, professional boxing and MMA footwear, as well as gi for eastern martial arts.
  • Gymnastics equipment - In DBX Bushido you can equip yourself with with gymnastic ladders, cones, pull-up bars and other equipment to create the conditions for effective and creative training in sports clubs, at home or outdoors.
  • Workout and fitness accessories - We also offer a range of sports accessories that are essential for training and recovery. You will equip yourself with us in boxing skipping ropes, training mats, resistance bands, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine and gym balls and many other accessories.

Why take advantage of the DBX Bushido offer?

The MMA and boxing equipment you'll find in our store is designed to meet the needs of any group of combat sports athletes - from professionals to the youngest adepts. Thanks to this everyone can equip themselves with accessories tailored to their physical conditions and current training capabilities.

DBX Bushido sports accessories are meticulously designed and manufactured solutions that help us create professional athletes. Thus, we meet the expectations of fighters, meeting their needs for comfort, efficiency and safety of training.

However, DBX Bushido is an offer not only for fighters. If you are just beginning any physical activity, are in the process of rehabilitation after an injury or are looking for a way to regenerate your back or limbs that are suffering as a result of sedentary work, you will also find with us everything you need to get in shape or return to full fitness.

Don't wait and build your form now. Explore the product categories in the DBX Bushido store and choose sports equipment to suit your individual needs.